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Volunteers Needed March 27th, 10 am-11 am; 12:00 pm-1:00 pm

Mar 20, 2018

Are you free on Tuesday, March 27th from either 10-11 am (end-of-life focus group) OR 12 to 1:00 pm (beginning-of-life focus group)?

Volunteers are needed for a "Life Issues Focus Group" at the Pastoral Center. Each of the groups will take no longer than 1 hour. Church members aged 18 to 50 are encouraged to participate in the 12-1:00 pm session - lunch will be provided.

Church members aged 18 or older are encouraged to participate in the end-of-life focus group (10 am session).

Please send your contact information: Name, phone number and email address to: today! Thank you!


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