Shop with Scrip Gift Cards

"Contribute to the needs of the holy ones, exercise hospitality."
-Romans 12:13

Thanks for your interest in our Shop with Scrip Program! 
Would you like an opportunity to help your Parish Community?  Start Shopping with Scrip Gift Cards purchased from St. Michael's!

Through the generosity of local and national businesses, St. Michael's is able to buy gift cards at a discounted rate through a program called Scrip, and sell them to you at face value!  They are the same cards you can purchase at the stores, but by purchasing them from St. Michael's, you are helping us raise funds for the parish community.  

How can you help?

Start using "Scrip" Gift Cards for all of your purchases!

  • Do you own a vehicle? Instead of paying for your gas with a check, cash or a credit card, purchase a gift card from St. Michael's and use that for your payment.   We carry gift cards in various denominations from M&H, Cenex, B&N  Oil, Simonson's, Holiday and Valley Dairy.
  • Need groceries? We have gift cards from Hugo's, L&M Meats, Hornbachers, Walmart, and Target.

We offer gift cards to many other local and national businesses.  Use the gift cards to purchase clothing/shoes or items for home improvement or dining out? We have cards for fast food/pizza and restaurants. Need a coffee break?  We've got that covered too. How about a haircut? Want to send a gift to someone who lives in a different city?  We can order cards from the National List too.  

  • List of available Gift Cards On Hand  (this is the inventory we keep on hand and restock weekly). 
  • List of National Gift Cards visit:  (We can order these for you!) or browse the list here.

  • Orders are placed on Mondays to replenish the gift cards.  If you need a large number of cards, please contact the Parish Office by 9:30 am Monday morning. (701) 772-2624  

Where can I buy the Gift Cards?

  • Volunteers sell gift cards after Masses on the weekends 
    • Times depend on Volunteers
  • Parish Office

In a hurry?  Email us an order and we'll have it ready for you!  Email: [email protected] 
You can pick it up at the Parish Office, or we can have the receipt written and your order in an envelope to pick up on the weekend from the volunteer Scrip seller.  (Dependent on volunteers selling before/after Mass).

I'd Like to Volunteer, how do I sign up?

If you are interested in volunteering to sell Gift Cards before/after Mass please sign up here.  If you have questions, email:  [email protected] or call us.

We are currently looking for a Coordinator to manage the Scrip program and other volunteers who would help the Coordinator with various tasks such as:

  • Promoting Scrip:  Social Media/Videos/after Mass sign up/School
  • Placing Local Orders
  • Making Deposits
  • Balancing weekly;  Involves counting all cards, going through receipts, etc.
  • Selling Scrip on weekends and/or at special events
  • Possible delivering Scrip to people during the week

Scrip is a wonderful fundraiser for our parish that costs our parishioners nothing extra to participate and earn funds for our parish community.  We would like to increase involvement by making it easier for our parishioners and friends of the parish to purchase and use Scrip.   

A letter to St. Michael's Families from the Scrip Coordinator.

Thank you for supporting St. Michael's Church and School by "Shopping with Scrip!"