Board of Education


Elected Members: 2019-20

  • Lori Bakken, President
  • Meredith Quinn, Vice President
  • Becky Kaiser
  • Jim Higgins
  • Lisa Sobolik
  • Nathan Clough
  • Laura Spicer
  • Jennifer Loraas, Parish Council Rep.
  • Susan Carlson, Secretary

Ex Office Members:


  •    , Parish Business Manager

Article III - Membership, from Constitution and Bylaws:

Section A. The membership of the Board shall consist of nine elected adult members of St. Michael’s Parish. The Pastor shall be an ex-officio member of the Board. The Parish board shall have Administrative Council consisting of the Principal of the Elementary School and the Director of Religious Education. The school principal shall serve as Chairman of the Administrative Council and shall be the ex-officio officer of the Board with the responsibility for carrying out its policies. The personnel of the Administrative council shall not be considered members of the Board.