History in the Making: Parish Improvements

Pew Refurbishment Project Summer 2014

St. Michael's pew refurbishment project began June 9, 2014.  Henning Church & Historical Restoration LLC out of Forest Lake, MN was hired to complete the project.  Henning Restoration is the same company that painted the church back in the 1990's.  

The project was done in-house to help save . . .read more


"Yamaha Hybrid Grand Piano" ~ March 2015

4yeqt2lsf28cbysp00ko92pqc2l.jpgOur new "Baby" Grand Piano arrived March 2015.  We were not able to purchase a "real" grand piano because there would be no way to get it upstairs!  We purchased a Yamaha Hybrid Grand Piano.

Thank you to all who made this possible through private donations and through the Reverse Auction at the Fall FUN Fest.  Thank you to Whalen's Moving and tos15nr7iy24boizh8apwkulb3l.jpgStorage for moving it upstairs!  It weighs more than 400 pounds.  We hope all will enjoy singing along with the new instrument for years to come!