Bridge Builders

"Come, children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the LORD."
-Psalm 34:12

Bridge Builders is a group of people who believe that private school education is a good thing - that Catholic education at St. Michael's is a very good thing and should be made available to the young people of future generations. Bridge Builders was organized and incorporated under the laws of the State of North Dakota on October 30, 1974. 

It is a group of people who contribute a little or a lot to a common fund which will guarantee a healthier St. Michael's School. It's an organization of friends of the school - parents, alumni, grandparents and neighbors from North Dakota and many other states. 

The business of the Bridge Builders Club is conducted by a board of directors as stated in the bi-laws. Members themselves meet at the Annual Spring Membership Banquet & Business Meeting. Financial records are audited annually by a certified public accountant. 


  • Bronze Member: Any amount up to $500
  • Silver Member: $500 pledge or more
  • Gold Member: $1,000
  • Diamond Member: Over $1,000 

Contributions are tax deductible under IRS regulations. Pledges can be paid in full, through installments or however a member desires.