St. Michael the Archangel Association

In a continuing effort to publicly acknowledge parishioners and friends of St. Michael’s Parish who have remembered the Parish through planned giving. Membership in this society is limited to people who have made a planned giving gift to St. Michael’s Parish or an entity of the parish. It is recommended that they consider ten percent of their estate’s value.

Membership has been offered to those who:

  • Include St. Michael’s Parish in a will or in a codicil (amendment to a will) as a beneficiary or contingent beneficiary or:
  • Enter into a agreement with St. Michael’s Parish to give a gift annuity, an annuity trust, unitrust or other form of life income contract or:
  • List St. Michael’s Parish in a life insurance policy, stock, bonds, real estate or other investment.

All information will be regarded as confidential.

In providing bequests or establishing trusts, you are always encouraged to consult an attorney or other financial advisor. The Development Office of St. Michael’s Parish will welcome the opportunity to work with you and your advisor in planning a gift to the Church and/or and Church-related entity.

Examples of the types of bequests that can be made:

  • General bequests are for a certain dollar amount of cash or property. ("I give to St. Michael’s Parish the sum of . . .")
  • Specific bequests give St. Michael’s Parish a specific piece of property. ("I give St. Michael’s Parish 200 shares of ABC stock. . . .")
  • Residual bequests donate all or a portion of what remains after all taxes, debts, and expenses have been paid. ("I give 40% of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate. . . .")
  • Contingent bequests only become active under certain situations. ("In the event my spouse does not survive me, I give St. Michael’s Parish the sum of . . .")

As you prepare your Will/Planned Giving Gift you may wish to make your bequest particular. Many persons choose to make a gift to program and ministry with that with ongoing needs. Such as education in general, a particular education program, the church or an aspect such as maintenance.

Questions or Interest Contact: 

Thomas Helbling, (701) 772-2624 ext. 120


If your name belongs on this list, please contact us.

Charter Members


Mildred Absey

Edward T. Absey

Harvey J. Altepeter

Cyrilla Bangs

Josephine Banik

Clifford W. Bohlman

Eualia Cosgriff

Philomene Dobmeier


Mary Helen Dryden

Medard Gerszewski

Grace H. Glembo

Michael Hanen

Mary Cathrine Herrick


Monica Jackson

Greg and Stella Jeffery

Ernest Kasprick

Jeannette Kennedy

Elara E. Maddock

Ward E. Mahowald

Ester McKinnon

McShary Estate

Edwin L. Micka

Francis D. Mikkelson

James F. Mulligan

Arthur P. Paschke

Theodore B. Pedeliski



Theresa (Terry) Rogalla

Sylvia Saumur

Philip Joseph Sayer

Lester M. Simonson

Marcus Stellon

Anne Mae Stellon

Mary E. Thompson

Joseph W. Trocha

Anna Marie Vigen

Martha Warczak

Kathrine Anne Wilcox

John M. Wosick

Anne A. Zeidlik

Sue Zolnowsky