High School Grades 9 - 12


  Jesse Zyskowski,
  Youth Minister, Grades 9-12
  Phone:  (701) 772-2282, ext. 130


Thank you for visiting the Youth Ministry Page for St. Michael's Catholic Church!  

Register your child today  by downloading a registration form and a payment form.  Return both forms to the Parish Office before September 9th, 2020.  Drop off at the Parish Office - place on the table in the entrance, email to me [email protected] or mail to me:  418 N. 6th St., Grand Forks, ND  58203 prior to Sept. 9th 

Classes begin on Wednesday, September 9th, 2020 at 6:30 pm.  Parents and students, please meet in the church on the first day.  

Our High School Faith Formation program is based on ACTS 2:42!

"They devoted themselves to the teaching of the Apostles and to the communal life,to the breaking of the bread and to the prayers." 

 The whole section of ACTS is 2:42 - 47. Take a look at it to understand what our theme will be for the future. 

 We have what's called the "4S Catechetical Structure," which refers to Scripture, Saints, Service and Stewardship. Throughout the year, our students will be learning a great deal about the Saints, teachings of the Church which often times are seen as controversal and assuredly counter-cultural to what they experience in the secular setting of school and community, opportunities for service and much more. 

ACTS 2:42 will meet every Wednesday Night from 6:30 - 7:45 on the 4th floor of St. Michael's School. 

In addition to all of these events, we will also have special Sunday night gatherings for Basketball and Volleyball Tournaments, Praise & Worship and much more. 

Most importantly, we need your help!!! Pray for our Youth! These are dangerous times we are living in today and our youth need the best moral compass we can give them. What we do here at the church in regards to catechesis and teaching should only supplement what they are learning at home from their parents - the first teachers of the faith. 

If you have any questions regarding any of this, or would like to be involved in anyway, please feel free to reach out to me. I am more than happy to help you or get you involved : ) You can call me at the office 701-772-2282 x130, e-mail me at [email protected] or call/text me at (cell) 701-590-8042. I look forward to hearing from you! God Bless!