High School Grades 9 - 12

GRADES 9-12:  St. Michael's Youth Group 

Our theme this year is "Your Story."  Everyone has a story to tell.  We will look at stories in Scripture, especially through the light of using a story to bring Christ to others.  We will also look at our own stories.  By understanding our own identity with others.  God works in all of our lives, and how great of an opportunity it is for us to be able to share His works with others through our testimonies.  Attraction rather than promotion is a great way to reach hose who have fallen away, and our goal this year is to be able to convey to others the love that God has for them by sharing how He has worked in our own lives.  We would love for your son or daughter to join us this year for classes, or for our activities and events.  The Youth Group is a great opportunity to build friendships and have fun with peers.

Matthew Samson is the DRE for Grades 9-12. 
For questions, please contact him by email:  youthcoordinator701@gmail.com

Youth News   January 21, 2024